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 Wood Burning Stove Installation In Martinez GAWhen you want high heat and low energy costs, a wood-burning stove is hard to beat. Unlike those smokey and polluting pot-bellied stoves of the past, today's modern wood heating stoves are an energy-efficient heating appliance. With technological advancements in combustion technology, our full line of EPA-certified wood stoves burns cleaner, hotter, and consume less fuel than those older wood stoves. Unlike traditional masonry fireplaces where up to 85% of the heat is lost through the chimney, these new wood-burning stoves have an up to 80% heating efficiency. Most of the energy that a wood stove produces is used to warm your home, not the chimney.

High Heating Efficiency

With a high heating value (HHV) of up to 83%, you can’t beat the heating efficiency of a wood stove. Instead of heated air being sucked through the chimney with a traditional fireplace, a wood stove radiates the heat throughout the entire living space.


Wood is a low cost, abundant, and renewable source of fuel for your heating stove. It costs less to operate a wood stove than central heating or a traditional fireplace. Also, you will no longer need to depend on the cost of electricity or oil for heat. Due to its high heat output, you won't need to use your central heating system along with your fireplace, as so many homeowners do.

Cleaner Burning

Wood stoves burn cleaner with less smoke and pollution. Emissions for most EPA-Certified wood stoves are 1 gram per hour (g/h) to 4 g/h, which is 20 times less than a traditional fireplace.


Wood stoves are available in a variety of decorative designs and sizes that will give your home that warm and cozy feeling. Our friendly and knowledgeable heating specialists are available to help you select the right size unit for your home.

Wood Burning Stove Installation In Columbia SCInstall Anywhere

A wood-burning stove can be installed practically anywhere in your home. You can have a stove on the main floor and a smaller stove upstairs for zone heating. Or you can install a larger unit in the basement to heat your entire home like a furnace. The choice is yours.

Freestanding Wood Stove Sales & Installations

We offer a large selection of EPA-Certified wood-burning stoves from top manufacturers that consumers trust the most. Our Certified Chimney Professionals will help you choose the stove that will meet your heating needs, arrange for delivery, and provide professional installation.

Call Advanced Chimney Sweep for Superior Freestanding Wood Stove Sales & Installations across Georgia and South Carolina. We are serving the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) and the South Carolina Midlands region, Augusta GA, Groveton GA, Evans GA, Martinez GA, Dearing GA, Lexington SC, Batesburg-Leesville SC, Aiken SC, Orangeburg SC, West Columbia SC, Forest Acres SC, Saluda SC, and more.