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Is Your Chimney Chase Top Rusted?

Chimney chase tops are like lids that sit atop factory-built chimneys. The purpose of the top is to protect the interior areas of the chimney including the flue pipe from water intrusion and damage.

A key problem with many chimney chase tops is rust. Advanced Chimney Sweep of Georgia and South Carolina would like to share some helpful information about chase tops and rust issues.

chimney chase top rust, Columbia SCWhy do chimney chase tops rust?

Most chase tops are made from galvanized steel, which will begin to rust if water sits on them for lengthy periods. Sitting water is common when these components are not properly designed, installed and inspected regularly.

When a chase top is rusted through, water from rain and snow has a free passage into the interior chimney area, where it can lead to major structural damage and dangerous mold growth.

Chase tops also can be damaged by lightning strikes, pounding hail and other occurrences, so it’s a good idea to schedule a proper inspection once a year or after an event that could have damaged the chase top (or any part of your chimney).

The solution to rusty, cheap chase covers

You can only repair a damaged component for so long. Eventually, you need to look for a smart solution. Where chase tops are concerned, the smart solution is having a strong new stainless steel top installed.

The chase tops installed by the Advanced Chimney Sweep crew are all built of powerful (and attractive) stainless steel and include a cross break, which causes a slight peak to keep water from pooling.

Our chase tops also feature a drip edge that channels water away from the chimney structure. Most pre-built chimneys are constructed of wood, so it’s always good to keep as much water as possible away from them.

leaking chimney chase top, Lexington SCIs your chase top leaking?

You can get up on the roof and see if your chimney chase top is rusted and compromised. You also can watch for these signs:

  • Musty odors coming from your fireplace
  • Water in the firebox
  • Water stains on the walls and ceiling near the fireplace inside your home

If you have a chimney leak due to a damaged chase top or any other reason, the first step is to have the issue inspected. Our Certified Chimney Professionals will examine your entire chimney system to locate the source and cause of the leak. We’ll provide you with a report of our findings.

If the chase top is responsible for the problem, our crew can install a new stainless steel top with a proper cross break and drip edge to give you solid protection for many years to come. If the leak is due to something else, we can solve that problem, too.

Keep your chimney safe and efficient

Advance Chimney Sweep provides chimney inspections, chimney repairs, component replacement and chimney sweeping services. Trust us to do the job right the first time.

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