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Chimney Camera Inspection – We Look Inside Your Chimney!

Part of our chimney inspection process includes using a camera to get an accurate visual of the inside of your chimney. This allows the technician to see exactly what is happening with your chimney lining from top to bottom. This technology allows us to observe the areas that are not able to be seen easily from a visual inspection and look much deeper at the condition of your chimney.

Why Do I Need A Chimney Inspection?

The only way to know whether your chimney is structurally sound and safe is with an annual inspection. During an inspection, our Certified Chimney Professional will examine the entire structure to assess its current condition. The chimney professional will provide a written report noting any deficiencies.

video inspection of chimneyThe chimney, liner and flue system is responsible for venting the smoke and fumes away from your living space. An unsafe chimney is not only a fire hazard, but it is also a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Along with the camera and visual look at the inside of the chimney, the inspection will include examining exterior of the chimney, the chase cover or chimney cap, the cement chimney crown, exterior mortar joints, chimney flashing and attic space.

The chimney professional will also recommend any necessary repairs and if it needs cleaning.  An annual inspection and cleaning by a Certified Chimney Professional can uncover minor problems now before they become more expensive repairs later.

As a licensed and insured Certified Chimney Professional, we follow industry-standard guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA and other leading organizations recommend annual chimney inspections for homeowners with liquid and solid fuel heating appliances even if they are no longer the primary source of heating or are in inoperable condition.

chimney inspection in Lexington SCWe offer three levels of inspection as defined by the NFPA:

Level 1:  A level 1 inspection is a standard visual inspection of the accessible areas of the chimney and any attached heating appliances.  It is recommended annually.

Level 2:   The level 2 inspection is also known as a Real Estate Chimney Inspection and is required before the transfer or sale of real property.

It is also required whenever there are any modifications or damages to the heating system since the last inspection. It includes the level 1 inspection plus a more detailed examination of accessible areas, including the attic and crawl space.

Level 3:  This is the highest level of inspection and is required whenever an issue, like a chimney fire, is discovered during a level 1 or level 2 inspection. A level 3 inspection is an in-depth examination. It includes all of the criteria of a level 1 and 2 inspection, plus the removal of components to gain access to inaccessible sections of the structure to determine the source.

Home Inspection Vs. Chimney Inspection

If you have recently sold or purchased a home, then you are probably already familiar with a home inspection. Most buyers have a home inspection before closing on the sale of the property but there is a difference between a home inspection and a chimney inspection. Home inspectors generally do not perform a thorough chimney inspection. So, they won't be able to tell the buyer if there is a leak, excessive creosote, damages to the flue liner or other deficiencies that require repair. We recommend buyers have a chimney inspection as a condition of sale. It is the only way to determine if the chimney system and attached heating appliances are in safe working order.

level 2 video chimney inspection in Augusta GAAlso, your financial institution may require a level 2 chimney inspection to obtain a mortgage. As a seller, having a level 2 inspection by a Certified Chimney Professional will help you avoid costly surprises that could delay the sale of your property. It can also give your property a competitive advantage when you show potential buyers that your chimney was inspected.

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