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Our Chimney Sweep Blog

What Repairs Does Your Chimney Need?

From the South Carolina Midlands to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA), it has been a wild and wet year, especially for those near the Atlantic coastline. Although our region typically enjoys a mild winter, Hurricane Nicole is a vital reminder that everyone must protect their home from severe weather events. That includes a chimney Read more

What Happens When Snow Gets In My Chimney?

With the winter season fast approaching, many residents in northern Georgia and South Carolina Midlands area often ask, “Can snow get in my chimney?” While snow is rare in the low country, there is a potential for snowfall in the Midlands region, in the higher elevations north of Columbia, SC. So, if your chimney has Read more

Chimney Repairs to Complete before Winter

Winter is just around the corner, if you’re like most people then there are probably chimney repairs that still need attention. When projects stack up, prioritizing which chimney repairs must be done before winter is the winning strategy. Repairs that will not include using cement, bricks, or mortar should be safe to do all year Read more

Is Your Chimney Crown Cracked or Damaged

Your chimney crown is sometimes the unsung hero of your entire fireplace system. Your cap keeps both animals and debris out of the flue (and by extension, your home). Your flue sends smoke and gasses up and out of your living areas. But what about your crown? Believe it or not, it’s just as important Read more

Why are Chimney Inspections Important?

Chimneys seem to be solid and independent structures that you can depend on to be there for you when you need them. The question is, are chimney inspections really that important? What could a chimney inspection tell you about your chimney that you don’t already know? Here are a few examples. Creosote Buildup Can Become Read more

What To Do If You Have a Crumbling or Spalling Chimney

A well-built chimney can be a thing of beauty but a chimney that has begun to flake or crumble can be devastating. Why is this happening and how can this be fixed is the immediate question and these are the questions we will tackle in this article. What is Spalling Brick? With the changing of Read more

Why Schedule a Chimney Inspection Before Fall?

As cooler weather approaches, you and your family may already be daydreaming about cozying up to your fireplace. The sound and comfort of crackling logs can quickly be interrupted if your chimney isn’t in working order. Did you know that a chimney should be inspected at least once a year by a certified chimney inspector? Read more

Fall is the Time to Make Sure Your Chimney is Clean and Safe

The Fall season is practically here, we can all look forward to singalongs, ugly sweaters, and a crackling fire. Most people forget about their fireplace and chimney during the spring and summer unless bad odors, leaks, or animals rear their ugly heads. If your chimney hasn’t gotten much attention this summer, it’s really important to Read more

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Chimney

Just like your home’s bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms need a routine cleaning, so does your chimney. Debris from wood-burning, soot and creosote buildup, animal nests, and combustion gas residue will accelerate your chimney’s deterioration and is also a health and safety hazard. Here are five warning signs that indicate it’s time to clean your Read more

Signs of a Leaky Chimney

Chimney leaks are a common problem in areas with seasonal freeze/thaw cycles and inclement weather. This post looks at how to identify a leaking chimney, what causes it, and what you can do about it. Signs of a Leaky Chimney The sooner you notice that your chimney is leaking, the sooner you can schedule repairs Read more