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New Fireplace | Manufactured Fireplaces – PreFab Fireplaces

Since a traditional masonry fireplace is labor-intensive and costly to build, prefab or zero clearance (ZC) fireplaces are a less expensive alternative. They offer the look and feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace at a fraction of the cost.

Masonry Fireplace& Zero Clearance Fireplace Installation


Unlike a traditional masonry fireplace with a chimney that is built brick-by-brick, prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces are factory-built appliances that are typically installed on-site as a complete project. This includes the fireplace, fireplace surround, metal chimney pipe, chase cover, termination cap and other components. The fireplace is installed directly into the designated wood frame during home construction.

Zero Clearance Fireplace Installation In

Prefabricated/Factory Built Fireplace Inspection

It’s a good idea to have a Certified Chimney Professional inspect your prefabricated or zero clearance fireplace every year. Several parts will eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear and any defective parts should be immediately replaced to minimize the risk of fire.

Prefab/Factory Built Fireplace Replacement

Also, advancements in technology and new EPA standards have made older prefab and factory built fireplaces obsolete. Even homes that are ten or more years old were built with a lower quality “builders’ grade” prefab fireplace. Our Certified Chimney Professionals can replace your old prefab or factory built fireplace with a new high performing, and beautiful fireplace. We also have a variety of stone finishes and mantles to accent the area around your fireplace.

Prefab/Factory Built Wood-Burning Fireplace Installations

Zero Clearance Wood Burning FireplaceWhether you want to install a fireplace in your new home or existing home without a fireplace, our prefabricated and factory built wood-burning fireplaces have the look and feel of a traditional masonry fireplace. Our Certified Chimney Professionals will install the prefab or factory built wood-burning fireplace that will perfectly fit your home.

Look no further than Advanced Chimney Sweep for the Best Prefabricated and Factory Built Wood-Burning Fireplace Installations throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Our service area includes the entire CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) and the South Carolina Midlands region, Augusta GA, Groveton GA, Wrens GA, Martinez GA, Evans GA, Aiken SC, Orangeburg SC, Batesburg-Leesville SC, West Columbia SC, Forest Acres SC, Belvedere SC, Lexington SC and nearby communities.