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Chimney Tuckpointing & Repointing

Your chimney needs to maintain its structural integrity to keep your home and family safe. Most masonry chimneys can last for 75 years or more – however the mortar (the bonding material between the bricks) is more likely to deteriorate. Extreme weather conditions can accelerate normal wear and tear on the mortar material.

chimney tuckpointing repair in augusta gaLike bricks, mortar is porous and will absorb moisture. Because bricks have a hard, outer shell, it takes longer to deteriorate. As the chimney is exposed to the elements of wind, freezing rain, and extreme swings in temperature, the mortar joints erode. Once it begins absorbing moisture, freezing temperatures turn the moisture into ice crystals that causes the cracks to expand further. The continued freeze-thaw cycle will compound the problem until the damage is repaired.

What is Tuckpointing/Repointing?

Tuckpointing, also known as repointing, is the process of removing deteriorated or damaged mortar joints between each brick. The joints are then filled or tucked with mortar. When our experienced professionals complete the repointing, your chimney will be structurally sound and look as good as new.

When Do You Need Tuckpointing?

You can tell if your chimney needs tuckpointing by inspecting the exterior brickwork. Cracks, crumbling, or gaps in the joints between bricks where mortar used to be are all indications that you need tuckpointing.  You may also notice loose or missing bricks due to decaying mortar.

But all too often, homeowners do not realize there are damaged bricks and mortar until they have a chimney inspection or notice the effects of the deterioration that show up as water leaks inside the home.

The earlier you resolve masonry damage, the easier and less costly it is to repair. In severe cases where the deterioration is extensive, it may require a partial or complete chimney rebuilding.

What Are the Benefits of Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing offers several benefits:

  • Prevents more chimney damage – damaged bricks and mortar can cause severe structural damage not only to the chimney but to the roof and side of your home that attaches to the chimney. Tuckpointing improves structural stability and helps prevent a more costly rebuilding of the chimney.
  • It stops water leaks – moisture that leaks through the gaps in the bricks and mortar can cause extensive damage to the ceiling, attic and other components inside the chimney.
  • Increases property value – improving the condition and appearance of your chimney also enhances curb appeal, which may increase your property value.

tuckpointing chimney repair in Batesburg-Leesville SC

Masonry Repair Experts

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