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Fireplace Dampers – Throat & Top Mount Dampers

Whether you have a traditional style damper plate that needs to be replaced due to deterioration, or your home requires a top mounted style damper, we’ve got you covered!! We keep damper plates readily available on our service trucks ready to install if needed. If your home does not have an existing damper casing for a traditional style damper, we can install a top mounted type damper that actually mounts to the top of the chimney and is easily operated from the fireplace. When the fireplace is not in use, the damper prevents heating and cooling loss, saving you money on your energy bill. Ask us about your damper…..we will be more than happy to explain and show you what you should know.

There are two types of dampers: throat and top mount

throat mount damper install



Throat Dampers

The most common type of damper is the throat damper. It is located in the throat of the chimney, which is just above the firebox. Turning a knob or pulling a rod in front of the fireplace opens and closes the damper.  The position of the knob or rod makes its operation easy and convenient. Since the throat damper is located far down the flue, water and debris can still collect in the flue if the chimney cap is damaged or non-existent. For this reason, many homeowners are replacing throat dampers with top-mount dampers.


fireplace damper repair in Augusta Ga


Top Mount Dampers

A top mount or top-sealing damper is installed at the top of the chimney. Its location prevents water and debris from getting inside the flue (even when the damper is open) without the need for a chimney cap. It is operated by pulling a metal chain inside the fireplace.

fireplace damper installation in Augusta GA

Fireplace Damper Repairs

Advanced Chimney Sweep repairs, replaces and installs both throat dampers and top mount dampers. Regardless of the damper in your chimney, it should form an airtight seal when in the closed position. It should also operate smoothly without any force. When the damper is challenging to open or close or allows air and water to seep through, it may need repair or replacement.  During an annual chimney inspection, the fireplace damper is one of the many components that we inspect.

You can call Advanced Chimney Sweep for your Fireplace Damper Repairs and cover Replacements throughout Georgia and South Carolina. We are serving the CSRA (Central Augusta River Area) and the South Carolina Midlands region including Augusta GA, Blythe GA, Evans GA, Martinez GA, Waynesboro GA, Lexington SC, Aiken SC, Orangeburg SC, Cayce SC, Batesburg-Leesville SC, West Columbia SC, Forest Acres SC, Bamberg SC, and more.