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Chimney Crown Repair – Certified Chimney Techs

chimney crown repair in orangeburg scThe primary purpose of the Cement Chimney Crown is to prevent moisture from infiltrating down into the interior brick and mortar structure – and into your home.

A chimney crown is formed concrete on top of the chimney that seals the chimney’s flue to the outer chimney brick. The crown is sloped and prevents water damage from rain that seeps down into the masonry or into the joint between the masonry and the chimney flue. Over time, the concrete will expand and contract with the change in seasonal temperature, causing it to crack. Simple cracks can lead to possible water damage in several areas, including where the fireplace/chimney meets the ceiling or in the attic around the rafters.

The chimney crown is made of cement, and it can weaken over time and develop cracks in the surface requiring repair. When moisture penetrates the crown and gets inside the chimney, it can weaken the interior masonry resulting in more chimney repairs.

Since inspecting the chimney crown requires climbing on top of the roof, most homeowners are unaware there is a problem until they have a chimney inspection or notice water stains on the ceiling and walls near the fireplace. Depending on the extent of the damage, a Certified Chimney Professional will need to either repair or rebuild the crown.

Repairing the Chimney Crown

Although the chimney crown has a cement surface, it is not as durable as the brick masonry. Being on top of the chimney, the cement chimney crown is constantly exposed to rain and other weather conditions. This means that it will eventually fall victim to deterioration and develop small hairline cracks. Even though these cracks appear small, they will enlarge over time and result in a costly chimney crown replacement or water damage.

If the damage is not too severe, our technicians can fill in any surface cracks and apply an All-Weather CrownCoat to protect the chimney crown with a flexible, waterproof membrane.

We can even apply this sealant in below-freezing temperatures, so if you’re chimney crown cracks in the winter, we can fix it fast. It’s an environmentally friendly, water-based sealant and we offer a ten-year warranty.

Chimney Crown Repair In lexington sc

Custom Chimney Cap

Sometimes a chimney crown is damaged beyond repair and requires a custom chimney cap to go on top of it. Our Certified Chimney Professionals will recommend installing an “Outside Mount Chimney Cap” which covers and protects the entire top of the chimney. This Custom Chimney Cap is more like an Umbrella protecting the whole top of the chimney against outside elements while shedding water away from the chimney and flashing.

Chimney Crown Repair and Rebuilding Experts

You can trust the masonry experts at Advanced Chimney Sweep for Expert Chimney Crown Repairs throughout Georgia and South Carolina. We serve the CSRA (Central Augusta River Area) and the South Carolina Midlands vicinities, including Augusta GA, Evans GA, Hephzibah GA, Groveton GA, Blythe GA, Thomson GA, Martinez GA, Lincolnton GA, Lexington SC, Aiken SC, Bamberg SC, Batesburg-Leesville SC, West Columbia SC, Forest Acres SC, Orangeburg SC, and nearby communities.