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Top Terms for Chimneys & Fireplaces

If you’re a homeowner with a chimney, knowing the ins and outs of your chimney and fireplace may be overwhelming. To make this easier, we’ve compiled the top terms pertaining to chimneys and fireplaces. Use these terms to help you better understand any issues you may have or simply brush up on your overall knowledge.

Chimney Crown Repair in Aiken SCChimney Terms You Should Know

Chimney Crown:

Found at the top of a chimney, the chimney crown is a flat piece that is used to protect chimney masonry from any water leakage. It’s typically made of concrete and slopes away from the flue stack.

Chimney Cap:

A vital component of a chimney that protects the flue. Typically made of metal and prevents rain, snow, sleet, and other objects out of your chimney.


A metal piece that controls the air flow as it opens and closes the flue.


The main component of the chimney, also referred to as the fireplace. This is where the fire burns.


The flue is responsible for venting smoke from your fireplace up and away from your home. This part of your chimney is found inside and travels up towards the crown.

Flue Liner:

A liner that protects the masonry of your chimney from chemicals that are burned off during a fire, such as creosote.


The hearth is the floor of the fireplace. It typically extends beyond the fireplace by a foot or so — leaving space around the actual opening to the fireplace.


An important component of the chimney that adds waterproofing where the chimney meets the roof. It’s usually made of sheet metal and slightly angled to ensure waterproofing.


A highly flammable chemical byproduct of fires. This can collect more if wet firewood or softwood is burned in your fireplace. This is the main reason why fireplaces must be inspected and cleaned every year.


The main byproduct of fires. It looks black or brown and accumulates on chimney walls from oxygen-deprived flames.


The main structure of a chimney which can be made of bricks, stones, or other masonry units held together with mortar.


This may happen if it is cold outside and a draft finds it’s way into your house through the chimney. It’s important to keep the damper closed; and if you still experience drafts, make sure your damper is functioning as it should.


The natural path of your fire’s smoke as it travels from fireplace, through the chimney and out of your home.

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Make sure to schedule an annual chimney inspection and cleaning to ensure longevity and avoid more costly repairs. Regular maintenance can increase it’s lifespan and ensure you have a safe and efficient fireplace for years.

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