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Is Your Chimney Crown Cracked or Damaged

Your chimney crown is sometimes the unsung hero of your entire fireplace system. Your cap keeps both animals and debris out of the flue (and by extension, your home). Your flue sends smoke and gasses up and out of your living areas. But what about your crown? Believe it or not, it’s just as important as the rest. Is your chimney crown cracked or damaged? Here’s what can happen if it is.

Chimney Crown Repair Orangeburg, SCFirst, what does a chimney crown do exactly?

Let’s start by defining a chimney crown and the role it plays in your system. Have you ever noticed a cement “topper” that sits on top of your bricks and just below your chimney cap? If not, go outside and look at your chimney. You should see a cement slab of some kind extending just beyond your masonry, hopefully with some kind of a slope.  That’s your crown. Now, if you don’t see this at all, it’s time to contact Advanced Chimney Sweep right away. Why? Because without this, your brick-and-mortar will be exposed to more moisture than you want.

Masonry and your crown

That’s because both brick and mortar materials are extremely porous. While waterproof sealants will help, they’re not a permanent solution. Your crown, by extending a few inches all around the top of your brick, diverts the water away from your chimney and onto your roof. From there, precipitation makes its way into your gutter system and away from your home.

If your crown wasn’t there, water would both pool on top of the brick, run down the side of it, and eventually penetrate those pores. Then, as the temperature drops and the water freezes, it expands. This, in turn, creates cracks and gaps that allow for even more water to make its way into your chimney. Eventually, your chimney will begin crumbling and maybe even need to be completely replaced. With a functional crown, you can avoid this serious problem.

Is your chimney crown cracked or damaged?

If you’re not sure if your chimney crown is cracked or damaged, there are a few signs to look for. Those include:

  • Rust, both inside of your firebox or on your damper;
  • Broken flue tiles;
  • Water damage inside of your home;
  • Water stains on your chimney, and;
  • Crumbling brick or missing mortar.

Fixing a broken chimney crown

Earlier, we mentioned that your crown is a cement slab. This makes repairing it less cumbersome. You can simply use a high-quality, waterproof sealant to eliminate minor cracks. If there are gaps or larger cracks, you would first apply a layer of high-bond patching material. Once that fully sets, then apply the same aforementioned waterproof sealant.

Of note that some home styles may have a metal crown. While rarer than cement, the solution to fixing this style of broken chimney crown is to simply replace the entire unit.

Cracked Chimney Crown, Orangeburg SCPreventative maintenance can prevent a cracked or damaged chimney crown

Preventative maintenance will always be more effective than reactive repairs. Start by scheduling an annual chimney sweep and inspection with a CSIA-certified technician. They will be able to identify any problems with your crown or other components and make preemptive repairs before they turn into larger issues. Would you like to schedule an appointment? Then contact Advanced Chimney Sweep by calling us at (706) 833-4630 or by sending us a message on our website