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Don’t Wait to Fix Your Leaky Chimney!

Have you ever noticed stains on the outside of your chimney? Or have you noticed discoloration where your interior brick meets your living room ceiling? Both of these and more are signs of a chimney with a leak. However, don’t wait to fix that leaky chimney. Why exactly? Let’s go over what causes a leaky chimney, signs to look for, and the top five reasons why you should address the problem ASAP.

Rusty Chase Cover Repair and Replacement in Lexington SCWhat causes a leaky chimney?

The cause of a leaky chimney can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. Your flashing may have deteriorated, your cap missing, or your chase cover rusted. Gaps within your brick-and-mortar can also let water into your home with ease. An annual inspection from Advanced Chimney Sweep will keep most of these issues at bay.

Signs of a leaky chimney

Earlier, we mentioned two signs that you have a chimney leak: stains on your exterior masonry and indications of water damage on your ceiling. There are other warning signs to look for as well, including:

  • A musty smell from the firebox;
  • Condensation within the fireplace;
  • Cracked masonry;
  • Crumbling or missing bricks.

Water problems can lead to house fires

While water will put out a fire, it does not mix with electricity. A leaky chimney can let water into your home where it can mix with your home’s wiring and cause a short. In addition, a leak can lead to problems with the chimney itself, which can lead to an unintended house fire whenever you go to use the system.

A damaged roof is expensive to repair

Virtually every home that has a chimney will see it touch the roofline of the house. This means that a leaky chimney can damage your shingles or the deck board itself, which can quickly lead to an expensive repair bill.

Health concerns are no small matter

A leak in your chimney can lead to water damage elsewhere in your home. If left to fester, that moisture can lead to mold growth. That will, in turn, directly impact your family’s health.

Components can rust or deteriorate quickly

A small drip today can lead to a large quantity of rust later. As your fireplace system has many metal components, rust can quickly break those down and require additional repairs.

A proactive step today can save larger sums of money later

Within healthcare, we all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Chimney Flashing and Leaky Chimney Inspection in Orangeburg SC

The same is true with your home repairs. By being proactive and fixing that tiny leak ASAP, you’ll eventually save yourself much larger repair bills down the road.

Serving Georgia for over 20 years

Do you have a leak within your chimney? Then let us know. Our team of CSIA-certified chimney sweeps has all of the knowledge and skills to help you fix that leaky chimney the right way. We’ll quickly diagnose the cause of your chimney leak and provide you with the best solution to fix it quickly and efficiently.

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