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Fall is the Time to Make Sure Your Chimney is Clean and Safe

The Fall season is practically here, we can all look forward to singalongs, ugly sweaters, and a crackling fire. Most people forget about their fireplace and chimney during the spring and summer unless bad odors, leaks, or animals rear their ugly heads. If your chimney hasn’t gotten much attention this summer, it’s really important to check a few maintenance tasks off of your list before you light that first fire.

Chimney Cleaning Lexington, SCInspect and Clean Your Chimney

It should go without saying but even a chimney that hasn’t been used for 3 months should be inspected and cleaned. Leaks and other types of structural damage could have formed. Repairing these breaches is imperative for the safety of your fireplace.  Creosote buildup from the past winter could still be lurking inside of your fireplace, which can cause chimney fires if not removed.

Clear Your Chimney of Debris

Summer storms have a tendency to deposit all manner of debris inside of chimneys. Tree limbs, leaves, animals, and even garbage. It is essential that your chimney is checked for debris and that all of it is removed. Lighting a fire without checking your chimney can lead to back-puffing (when smoke is pushed into the home instead of outside where it belongs) or carbon monoxide poising. Carbon monoxide is deadly, being odorless and colorless it can be hard to detect before it’s too late. Chimney fires is one of the most common dangers of a clogged chimney. The unburned particles (creosote) could spark and set any material inside on fire.

Chimney Cap Installation Orangeburg, SCInstall or Repair the Chimney Cap

If your chimney does not have a chimney cap, there is no time like the present. A chimney cap will keep out debris and animals. After thoroughly cleaning your chimney, you want it to remain that way as long as possible. The chimney cap is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping out water and debris. A wire cage can also be installed to further protect your chimney against critters and keep sparks and embers from escaping.

Ensuring your chimney is clean and safe may seem like an impossible task but that’s what we’re here for. Advanced Chimney serves the community of South Carolina with excellence and making sure chimneys are clean, safe, and ready to go is our priority. Whether you need a cleaning, inspection, fireplace installation or a simple dryer vent cleaning we can get it done. Call Advanced Chimney service today!