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Why Now Is The Time for a Chimney Inspection

You can almost feel the excitement in the air. The sun is out. Temperatures have been warmer. Everyone is wearing shorts again. Spring is here, which is why now is the time for a chimney inspection.

Here are our top five reasons why you should contact Advanced Chimney Sweep before the fall rush.

level 2 chimney inspection, lexington scGet ahead of the crowd

This leads us to our first reason why now is the time for a chimney inspection. When cold weather hits, everyone wants to start using their fireplace. It’s also about this time that most homeowners realize they need a sweep and inspection. By not putting it off, and , you can ensure that your chimney is ready to go whenever you need it. Otherwise, you may find yourself behind a long list of other customers waiting for the same services.

Give yourself more time

And what happens if your chimney has physical issues? During an inspection, your Advanced Chimney Sweep technician will also perform a general chimney sweeping. If all they find are minor issues, those can be fixed on the spot.

However, if they discover larger problems, those can take time to repair. By booking your inspection now, it allows for enough time to fix any bigger issues before winter gets here.

Warm weather makes maintenance easier

In addition, if you try to make some repairs in the fall when it’s cooler, they often don’t take as well as they would in the warmer months. For example, masonry repairs need to be set. While our weather doesn’t get as cold as in some parts of the country, it’s always best to address any type of physical repair when the sun is bright and the temps warm.

chimney creosote build-up, orangeburg scRemove dangerous creosote

Let’s assume you know there are no problems structurally with your chimney. You may still have dangerous creosote build-up within your flue. This may be one of the biggest reasons why now is the time for a chimney inspection.

Creosote is both toxic and flammable. It can lead to obnoxious odors emanating from your firebox and other health concerns. Getting rid of chimney creosote helps to keep your family and pets safe.

Light a fire the moment temperatures drop

Finally, patience may be a virtue. But when you want to use your fireplace, it’s frustrating to have to wait for the all-clear. By booking your inspection now, you’re ensuring that you can use your fireplace whenever the cold winter weather arrives — there’s no waiting!

Thats why now is the time for a chimney inspection!

These five reasons make it obvious that now is the perfect time for an inspection. It’s less stressful to get ahead of the crowd, giving yourself time to fix problems when the weather is warm. Plus, creosote is no laughing matter. By removing it now, you can light a fire in your chimney when the need arises.

Would you like to get onto our calendar for your next chimney sweep and inspection? Then contact Advanced Chimney Sweep by giving us a call at (706) 833-4630 (GA) or (803) 508-3990 (SC); you can also send us a request for an appointment via our contact form.