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Importance of Annual Chimney Inspections

Chimneys go through changes over the years, similar to the way our bodies change as we age. To maintain our health, we have regular checkups with a qualified healthcare provider.

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Regular chimney inspections should be handled by a licensed chimney inspector – never by you or a friend who happens to “know a little about chimneys.”

Advanced Chimney Sweep of Georgia and South Carolina offers these guidelines on chimney inspections.

Have your chimney inspected for peace of mind

When our bodies are working well, we have peace of mind. When our chimneys are working well, we also feel more relaxed and in control. Annual chimney inspections provide that level of control by spotting early signs of structural or component damage so you can get repairs done in a timely fashion.

Virtually every fire-safety agency and chimney service organization in America recommends chimney inspections once a year for homes with active fireplaces. Scheduling annual inspections is the best way to make sure your chimney operates safely and efficiently year after year.

What goes on during an inspection?

Your inspector will first look over the entire chimney structure and its components such as the concrete chimney crown, chimney cap and chimney flashing. He or she will be checking for obvious signs of damage or signs that indicate damage may soon happen.

A thorough chimney inspection will use digital imagery to view down into the chimney flue, checking the chimney liner for deterioration and assessing any buildups of creosote, soot and outside debris such as small-animal nests, leaves and twigs.

Deterioration means intense heat can come into contact with the interior masonry and eventually the nearby materials of your home. Blockages can cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to back up into your living spaces.

If you’re having specific issues with your chimney, your inspector will look into them. Examples could be a fireplace that drafts sluggishly, fires that are hard to start and keep going, musty odors coming from the fireplace and damp areas on the ceiling and walls near the fireplace/chimney.

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Advanced Chimney Sweep provides all three levels of chimney inspection as outlined by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) including specific Level 2 video inspections for real estate transactions.

It’s never smart to wait until chimney trouble starts to order an inspection. You can save big money by having your chimney looked at once a year by a credentialed professional.

Speak with a chimney expert in Georgia at (706) 833-4630 or in South Carolina at (803) 508-3990 – or get in touch through our convenient contact form.

As Certified Chimney Professionals (CCP), Advanced Chimney Sweep provides chimney inspections, chimney repairs and full-service chimney cleaning to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your chimney system is working as it should and is safe year-round.

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