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How To Close Off A Fireplace For Spring & Summer

When you finally get to the first few warm days, we know the last thing you may be thinking of is your fireplace. Between all of the yard maintenance, early spring planting, and other fun outdoor tasks, it’s easy to forget end-of-winter tasks. One task that should be on your list to complete is closing off your fireplace during the spring and summer seasons.

You may be wondering how you can do this and if you need a professional to help complete this. Read on and we’ll help you with the ins and outs of closing off your fireplace.

Chimney Inspection in Lexington SCThe damper is the key

While it may seem like a simple thing, make sure that your damper is closed. It’s important to keep this part of the chimney open while using your fireplace, but every other time it should be closed. This part should stay closed because it serves as a buffer between the outside and inside of your house. The chimney cap and damper work hand-in-hand to keep water, debris, critters and leaves out of your home.

Additionally, the damper should remain closed because it can allow cool air to escape from your home. You’re likely spending a lot of money to cool your house down, and you may be adding to that bill if your damper is open all of the time. In addition to that, if there are damp conditions outside and the damper is open, it could create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. You should also have a chimney inspection and annual cleaning before closing your chimney for the season.

Extra step for gas fireplaces

If you have a gas fireplace, it’s important to note some very important steps that go along with simply closing the damper. The gas and pilot light are important components of a gas fireplace and must be shut off. If these aren’t shut off, the burner could become clogged and flammable, dangerous gases could make its way into your home.

This is a pretty simple process overall and likely one that a homeowner can complete on their own. However, if you notice the seal on your damper isn’t tight, it’s probably best to call professionals for assistance. Professionals can help repair or replace depending on the level of damage. If damper seal issues are persistent, a professional may suggest a top-sealing damper. These seal from the outside and actually more energy-efficient than standard dampers.

Expert Chimney Repairs in Orangeburg SCHire a Chimney Expert

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