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How To Protect Your Chimney From Mold

Did you know that, like other parts of your home, your chimney can grow mold? It’s a difficult issue to detect and diagnose. So how can a homeowner protect their home from chimney mold? Let’s first look at what causes mold and then some solutions to prevent it.

Moldy Chimney Repair and Prevention in Orangeburg SCFirst, what causes Mold?

Mold is a fungal spore that causes a wide variety of health issues. Often, it grows in damp, dark places where water stagnates. Mold can be found anywhere in a home from a musty basement to behind your walls after a leak to in your ceiling and more. Likewise, it can also be found in your chimney.

So what are some solutions to protect your home from chimney mold? Here are four quick tips to help.

Solution 1: Close the door and don’t use your fireplace

Once you suspect or see any signs of mold, the first step is to stop using your fireplace immediately. As mold spores can be carried in the wind, the last thing you want to do is for a backdraft to spread them throughout your home.

Tightly close the door to your chimney and seal it as best as you can. This isn’t a long-term solution but is the first step in protecting your home from chimney mold.

Solution 2: Have it professionally removed

Next, contact the professionals at Advanced Chimney Sweep for assistance. Mold first needs to be removed before the source of it can be repaired. Using advanced tools, our team will track down and remove the mold from your chimney, often using a combination of cleaning solutions to kill it.

Solution 3: Be proactive

Next, you’ll need to be proactive. Remember when we said that mold grows due to the presence of moisture? Everything from repairing spalling or missing brick to waterproofing your chimney to keeping the humidity below 50% are all great ways to proactively protect your home from chimney mold.

Solution 4: Don’t put off repairs

Finally, the existence of chimney mold is caused by a chimney that is left unattended. Simply forgoing necessary repairs won’t immediately cause mold to grow. Instead, it’s when there is damage within your chimney structure that is conducive to moisture expansion that will eventually cause mold to take root within your home.

Professional Chimney Cleaning in Aiken SCIn other words, smaller repairs today can save you extensive headaches in the long run.

Protect your home from chimney mold by working with our team

Few things as small can cause problems as big as mold. Once it takes hold, it can take a long time to get rid of. Protecting your home from chimney mold is a process that takes specialized training and expertise.

Which is where we come in. Our team is here to help protect your home from chimney mold with our expansive services. Would you like to learn more? Then contact Advanced Chimney Sweep by calling us at (706) 833-4630 (GA) or SC (803) 508-3990 (SC); you can also send us a message online.