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Upgrade Your Fireplace Instead Of Replacing It

I know what you’re thinking. My fireplace is so old, rundown, and outdated that I may be better off replacing it. Not so fast. In the last five years, the hearth industry has gone through a renaissance of sorts. An entirely new array of traditional and modern fireplaces and inserts make upgrading an existing masonry or manufactured fireplace more effortless and affordable.

We will also install a magnificent custom or manufactured surround and mantle in your Augusta, GA, home, providing the perfect finishing touch for a warm, inviting indoor or outdoor living space with a safe and spectacular fire-burning experience. So, let’s take a closer look to see how easy it is to upgrade your fireplace instead of replacing it.

Fireplace Upgrade Services in Augusta GAHigher Heating Efficiency with Lower Energy Costs

If you have a traditional masonry fireplace, you know it’s more decorative than a heat source. That’s because as much as 85 percent of the heat disperses out the chimney, not in your home. A new modern fireplace insert has the opposite effect. Its closed combustion system retains up to 70 percent of the heat it generates in the firebox, where it is most effective. In addition, a built-in fan blower radiates warm air throughout your living space.

Safer For Your Home and the Environment

A fireplace insert is manufactured inside a fire-resistant steel or iron frame, making installing near combustible materials like wood-framed chase and walls safe. This gives homeowners the flexibility to install a fireplace in practically any room in the home, such as the kitchen, bedroom, home office, etc. Our line of EPA-Certified inserts meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict emission standards, making them an environmentally home heating solution.

Choice of Fuel Options

A fireplace insert offers a range of fuel options, including wood, gas, and pellet. So, if you have a gas fireplace, but prefer the aroma of natural wood, simply choose a wood-burning insert. Converting from one fuel source to another is as easy as that. Just ensure the installation is performed by a Certified Chimney Professional®, like the experts at Advanced Chimney Solutions.

No Chimney Modifications are Necessary

I just remembered that I had to tell you about the best part. Replacing a fireplace often requires modifying the chimney to accommodate a different flue size to meet the heating appliance manufacturer’s installation specifications. However, a fireplace insert includes a vent pipe, so no chimney modifications are necessary in most cases.

Stylish Designs for Every Lifestyle

Whether you want to upgrade your fireplace with a traditional or modern experience, Advance Chimney Solutions can upgrade your existing fireplace to give you the ambiance you desire for less than replacing it. In addition, upgrading is a faster process, so you can enjoy the excitement of a refreshed fireplace that will give your home that warm and comfy feeling you want.

Wood Burning Fireplace insert in Dearing GAAugusta Fireplace Upgrade & Restoration Services

If your existing fireplace isn’t meeting your home heating needs, let’s talk about upgrading your fireplace instead of replacing it.

Advanced Chimney Sweep provides certified fireplace installations, upgrades, and restoration services in the Central Augusta River Area (CSRA) and South Carolina Midlands region, including Belvedere, SC; Santee, SC; Martinez, GA; and Statesboro, GA.

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