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Chimney Cleaning In Aiken SC

chimney cleaning in aiken sc

Advanced Chimney Sweep provides professional chimney cleaning, including chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, and chimney repairs in Aiken, SC, and across Aiken County and Edgefield County. From Augusta GA to Columbia SC and the surrounding areas, you will see the Advanced Chimney Sweep trailers keeping our customers’ chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves running smoothly.

dirty chimney creosote in aiken sc

While chimney cleaning is not something most homeowners enjoy, it’s an essential part of home maintenance that will help protect your home and family. Every year there are thousands of residential chimney fires resulting in millions of dollars in property damage, injuries, and even deaths. In the majority of cases, the primary cause was due to creosote build-up in the chimney, according to fire investigators.

Why Chimney Cleaning is So Important

As you use your fireplace throughout the season, pollutants are building up. One of those contaminants is creosote. At first, it begins as a relatively harmless powder but as it accumulates in the flue, it’s flammability increases. It turns into an oily, brown substance before it becomes a thick, black, and crusty material that is highly flammable. The intense heat or a hot ember from a wood log is enough to ignite a chimney fire that can quickly spread throughout your home. Also, flue obstructions from pests, leaves, and twigs can hinder the escape of harmful gasses sending carbon monoxide and smoke into your living space.

The Certified Chimney Professionals at Advanced Chimney Sweep, along with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and fire safety experts recommend homeowners using solid or liquid fuel heating appliances to have annual chimney cleaning and a chimney inspection.  But if you light your fireplace or wood stove daily you may need additional cleaning.

chimney cleaning in aiken scWhat Does a Chimney Cleaning Involve?

We’ve spent over 15 years building the best chimney sweep company possible. We make chimney cleaning fast, efficient, and affordable. Our fully insured, licensed, and uniformed chimney sweep technicians will typically arrive with a fully equipped, professionally marked service trailer. The chimney sweep will clean the entire chimney structure from top to bottom, including the flue liner, damper, smoke shelf, and any attached heating appliances. They will climb on the roof to clean the chimney cap and remove any potential obstructions like dead leaves, pests, and other debris that can clog the flue. The chimney sweep will also take the necessary precautions to protect your furniture, flooring, and other items in the living space from exposure to dust and soot while cleaning the chimney.

Here is what to expect during our inspection and cleaning process:

  • We lay out tarps in front of the fireplace to protect your floor and carpet.
  • We clean the inside of your chimney, firebox, and smoke chamber with specialty tools while using a dual HEPA filters to control dust
  • We then clean, inspect and adjust the damper and damper assembly.
  • We do a visual inspection of the outside of the chimney, checking the mortar, brick and crown or chase cover.
  • We use a specialized camera system to inspect areas we cannot see from the top or bottom such as the liner or flue.
  • We leave a copy of the written evaluation with you at the completion of the job.
  • We encourage our customers to watch us work and ask any questions you may have.

When you schedule service, you can count on us to arrive on time, perform the work to your complete satisfaction, and leave the work area clean.

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Homeowners know they can trust Advanced Chimney Sweep for Professional Chimney Cleaning Services across South Carolina. We serve the entire South Carolina Midlands region, including Lexington SC, Aiken SC, Orangeburg SC, Batesburg-Leesville SC, West Columbia SC, Forest Acres SC, Bamberg SC, and more.