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Our Chimney Sweep Blog

The Dangerous Effects of a Damaged Chimney Liner

When you’re enjoying the warm glow of a fireplace in your Augusta, GA home, one essential component, the chimney or flue liner, contains the flames inside the chimney, protecting the masonry so the intense heat and toxic gases don’t spread throughout your house. There are several types of chimney liners, including clay tile, stainless steel Read more

Chimney Damage Caused by Freeze-Thaw Cycles

Whether it’s off to work, getting the kids ready for school, or going shopping, a winter coat, umbrella, and maybe even a pair of boots are standard gear for protection from the freezing rain and snow that winter often brings from South Carolina Midlands to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). However, your chimney remains Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Repairs

While masonry chimneys are formidable, durable structures, they are constructed with porous materials. As a result, it is vulnerable to moisture like rain, snow, and ice. So, the timeless expression “when it rains, it pours” couldn’t be more accurate for masonry chimneys. Chimney leaks can be very destructive once water gets into the masonry through Read more

Should You Use a Chimney Sealant?

Your chimney is an integral feature of your home, making it safe to use your fireplace, heating stove, and other attached heating appliances. Perched above the roof, it is also the highest point of your home. As a result, it is in a constant battle with Mother Nature, from freezing rain, snow, and ice in Read more

Here’s What You Should Know About Chimney Repairs Cost

Whether you have a new home or an older home in Savannah, GA, your masonry chimney will eventually need repairs. However, you can minimize repair costs and prolong the lifespan of your chimney with annual chimney inspections chimney sweeping when necessary. Otherwise, common problems like masonry cracks, flue obstructions, and a leaky chimney can catch Read more

Is Your Chimney Leaking?

This is a good question to ask because chimney leaks are the primary cause of major structural damage to a chimney. The pros at Advanced Chimney Sweep of Georgia and South Carolina would like to share some points about chimney leaks that you should know. Where do chimney leaks happen? A common area for leaks Read more

Importance of Annual Chimney Inspections

Chimneys go through changes over the years, similar to the way our bodies change as we age. To maintain our health, we have regular checkups with a qualified healthcare provider. Regular chimney inspections should be handled by a licensed chimney inspector – never by you or a friend who happens to “know a little about Read more

Is Your Chimney Chase Top Rusted?

Chimney chase tops are like lids that sit atop factory-built chimneys. The purpose of the top is to protect the interior areas of the chimney including the flue pipe from water intrusion and damage. A key problem with many chimney chase tops is rust. Advanced Chimney Sweep of Georgia and South Carolina would like to Read more

Mold on Your Chimney is a Warning Sign

Mold is a warning sign. Its presence means your chimney is absorbing rather than repelling water. Mold deteriorates mortar and can cause widespread structural damage within a chimney system. Advanced Chimney Sweep of Georgia and South Carolina would like to share some facts about mold and some strategies for dealing with it. Why is mold Read more

Full-Width Chimney Cap vs Flue Cap Cover

Not all things called “chimney caps” are created equal. In this article, the chimney pros at Advanced Chimney Sweep of Georgia and South Carolina would like to clear up any confusion and explain a little about full-width, outside mount chimney caps and basic flue covers. Full-width caps are like umbrellas for your chimney The best Read more