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Chimney Sweep In Lexington SC

lexington sc chimney sweep

Advanced Chimney Sweep provides professional chimney sweep services including, chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, and chimney repairs in Lexington SC and across the greater Columbia Area. You will see our trailers out keeping our customers’ chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves clean.

chimney inspection in lexington scChimney Inspection

Our Certified Chimney Professionals perform all three levels of chimney inspection under the National Fire Protection Association’s industry-standard guidelines. We also conduct level II real estate chimney inspections.  Annual chimney inspections are an essential part of regular home maintenance for homes that use solid or liquid fuel heating appliances, such as a wood-burning fireplace or gas heating stove. Even if you are no longer using your chimney, you should still get an annual inspection.  Often, it is the only way to determine if any problems need to be fixed to avoid more expensive repairs or structural issues.

You should have a professional chimney sweep do a real estate chimney inspection if you are planning to buy or sell a home. A chimney inspection provides a more thorough assessment of the entire chimney system and attached heating appliances noting any recommended repairs. It can uncover issues that a home inspector may overlook, avoiding costly surprises later.

Chimney Cleaning In Lexington SC

Due to the risk of fire and exposure to carbon monoxide, annual chimney cleaning is just as crucial as chimney inspections. If we determine that the fireplace and chimney needs to be cleaned, our Certified Chimney Professionals will use extreme care to ensure our “no mess guarantee.”

Professional chimney cleaning is often the only way to get rid of the caked-on soot, creosote, and other debris that has been building up in the chimney.  There may also be small animals, pests, and leaves or twigs clogging the flue that are inhibiting the release of smoke and toxic fumes when using the fireplace or stove.

Many homeowners prefer first to have an inspection, then a cleaning when the chimney sweep suggests. For your convenience, we can schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning on the same day.

chimney repair in lexington scChimney Repairs

Our Certified Chimney Professionals have the experience and skills to perform all types of chimney repairs. Here is a shortlist of some of the more common chimney repairs:

  • Chimney Crown
  • Firebox
  • Flashing
  • Flue Liner
  • Throat and Top-Sealing Dampers

Chimney Sweep Services

Homeowners know they can count on Advanced Chimney Sweep for Professional Chimney Sweep Services throughout South Carolina. Our service area includes the entire South Carolina Midlands region, including Lexington SC, Aiken SC, Orangeburg SC, Batesburg-Leesville SC, West Columbia SC, Forest Acres SC, Bamberg SC, and more.