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Our Chimney Sweep Blog

Why Now Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs

Did you know that the spring and summer months are actually the best time to schedule your chimney and fireplace repairs? So many house chores and responsibilities come up in the spring, so it’s understandable that some things get pushed to the back burner. But your chimney and fireplace would benefit from attention right after Read more

Creative Ways To Store Your Firewood This Summer

Have you ever been with your family and friends, sitting by the fire, and the night slips away? You realize the fire is dying, and your woodpile is nowhere close. It’s raining and you need to go out to get more wood. The scenario is much too familiar. Summer is no time to ease up Read more

Prevent A Smelly Fireplace This Spring & Summer

Sometimes, you’ll encounter a smell in your home you can’t trace down. Did clothes get left in the washing machine by accident? Did someone forget to take the trash out? Did your kid leave dirty dishes in their room? Smells of those nature are easy to address, but how can you prevent a smelly fireplace Read more

Is Chimney Waterproofing Necessary?

If you have a fireplace, then a chimney is an essential component of its function and structure. Of course, all parts of a home need care and upkeep. This helps to ensure a safe and viable family living space. Likewise, your chimney is one of these areas. However, one often overlooked maintenance task is protecting Read more

Chimney Masonry Repairs

As time goes by, many aspects of your home will start to show signs of aging. Your chimney is no different. Especially if your home features a beautiful masonry chimney. “What is a masonry chimney?” you may ask. Good question! It’s a chimney that’s constructed of many pieces of stone or brick and mortar. These Read more

Why Now Is The Time for a Chimney Inspection

You can almost feel the excitement in the air. The sun is out. Temperatures have been warmer. Everyone is wearing shorts again. Spring is here, which is why now is the time for a chimney inspection. Here are our top five reasons why you should contact Advanced Chimney Sweep before the fall rush. Get ahead Read more

How To Close Off A Fireplace For Spring & Summer

When you finally get to the first few warm days, we know the last thing you may be thinking of is your fireplace. Between all of the yard maintenance, early spring planting, and other fun outdoor tasks, it’s easy to forget end-of-winter tasks. One task that should be on your list to complete is closing Read more

Don’t Wait to Fix Your Leaky Chimney!

Have you ever noticed stains on the outside of your chimney? Or have you noticed discoloration where your interior brick meets your living room ceiling? Both of these and more are signs of a chimney with a leak. However, don’t wait to fix that leaky chimney. Why exactly? Let’s go over what causes a leaky Read more

How To Protect Your Chimney From Mold

Did you know that, like other parts of your home, your chimney can grow mold? It’s a difficult issue to detect and diagnose. So how can a homeowner protect their home from chimney mold? Let’s first look at what causes mold and then some solutions to prevent it. First, what causes Mold? Mold is a Read more

How to Seal A Flue Pipe To A Chimney

Does your fireplace feel drafty? When the outdoor air mixes with indoor air through the chimney flue, it can do more than raise your energy bills. Air leaks are common, especially with older homes in the Central Savannah River Valley Area (CSRA) and South Carolina Midlands region. The problem, however, is that these air leaks Read more